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Bolt’s Internship Programme Returns To Help Women in Kenya Develop Their Careers

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As of 2022, women hold only 26.7% of technology jobs. And compared to entry-level roles, top-management positions have an even lower representation of women. We want to drive change and support strong, ambitious women entering the tech industry.

To help, we’re excited to announce the return of our internship programme, The Bolt Outternship, designed to help women kick-start their careers and create a more equal and diverse tech future in Kenya.

To give you a better overview of the Bolt Outternship, we asked last year’s participants to share their thoughts, worries, highlights, and words of encouragement for applicants. If, after reading the article, you feel inspired to apply, you’ll find an application link at the end of the article.

Now let’s hear from our previous interns.

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Vicky Oyare

Vicky’s background is in computer science, and she interned in Bolt’s Operations Department. She decided to apply for an internship because she wanted to expand her tech experience. Vicky was also inspired by stories of our previous interns (in Ghana and Nigeria).

“What struck me most is how the work culture at Bolt, the collaboration with teammates, and the goal-oriented focus in the employees create such a seamless flow of problem-solving that has led the company to great success,” says Vicky.

Vicky’s currently a full-time Bolt employee working as an Operations Coordinator. But that’s not the final destination in her career journey — she plans to grow professionally and eventually become a tech lead.

As for some words of encouragement, Vicky says, “Go for it! Although getting into the tech industry requires lots of determination, it’s gratifying and worth it! And I’d love to see more women thriving in tech companies.”

Sara Badru

Sara interned in Bolt’s Marketing department, having never worked at a tech company. But she does have a marketing background, which helped with day-to-day tasks during the internship.

“I wanted to be part of the group of incredible women making big breaks in the tech industry. I also saw the internship as an amazing learning experience, and I’d get so much knowledge from it,” says Sara.

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Sara’s presenting and public speaking skills strengthened thanks to frequent project presentations. She also became more confident in expressing her ideas.

Sara’s currently taking time to learn more about marketing and the tech industry. “The experience at Bolt brought things into perspective. I want to participate more in the tech industry, and I believe I can only do so if I continue learning,” she says.

“If you’re considering applying for an internship or university, go for it! Believe in yourself and never sell yourself short. Even though you’re already good enough, never waste any opportunity to become even better,” says Sara.

How to apply

The application period starts on May 3 and lasts until June 2. There will be four stages in the recruitment process:

  1. You begin by submitting a form where you’ll have to answer a questionnaire, select your area of interest and submit your CV;
  2. Selected applicants must submit a video of themselves responding to our case study in less than 2 minutes;
  3. We’ll conduct interviews with selected applicants;
  4. We’ll send offers to 5 successful candidates.

This year, the Bolt Outternship runs from July until September. It’s paid, and we don’t expect you to have a strong background in of our offer areas — we all start somewhere.

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Know someone who might be interested?

If this opportunity doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, but you know someone who can benefit from it, share the application form with them!

Help your friend, a fellow student, or a beloved family member kick off their tech career!

Maryvine Moraa
Maryvine Moraa
MBA, Business Administration & Accounting. A Passionate IT Enthusiast.

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