About Us

TechKnow Africa (Network) is an ONLINE TECH MAGAZINE that focuses on Tech by Africa, For Africa. Through strategic collaborations and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations in promoting  the  African Technological Sector by supporting and promoting tech startups across the continent and the Diaspora. Our goal is to show the Tech World that AFRICA can and will come to the forefront of the Modern Age. The Organization is comprised of three (3) operational Divisions:

  1. TechKnow Africa –The Website Division: (The online Magazine )
  2. TechKnow Africa – Professional Network Division. (Physical Chapters of Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Enthusiasts).
  3. TechKnow Africa –  Social Media Division(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, other social platforms)

The Divisions work in concert to actualize the main objective, which is Promoting the African Technological Initiatives (Sectors limits our scope). The function of each Division will be defined further below. The aim of this document is to create a basic understanding of how TechKnow  Africa (Network) will work through its various forms. The three Divisions are defined as follows…


  1. TechKnow Africa – The Website Division (Online Magazine): On this platform, we interrogate issues, question decisions and influence policies. Our bloggers and writers publish Tech related articles relevant to African development and innovations, as well as any other Tech related material that is affecting or connected in anyway with the Africa Continent. The content is purely from volunteer Tech professionals and enthusiasts from Africa, with representation from every African Nation. The platform is open for all volunteer content  from the continent and also diaspora.
  • TechKnow Africa – The Professional Network Division: This Division deals with connecting Africans Tech professionals and Enthusiasts from all around the Diaspora by providing a platform for collaboration, support, mentorship and investment in Tech startups. This will be done through Tech meetups, as well as organized educational/informational boot camps and seminars across the Continent. This will also serve as a service resource for businesses and organizations. Create platform like Udemy, Udureca / Coursera to host courses both free and paid ones (to promote the African Tech Culture.)
  • TechKnow Africa – Social Media: The Organization uses social media as a resource to help in accomplishing its objectives. The preferred platforms include, but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Zoom for interviews, podcasts, and live training sessions.


The TechKnow Africa ( Network) Media Program will include many projects and events. Whatever shape it takes, these are the guiding principles that will remain at the center of our business operations.

  1. Collaborative and Inclusive: The TechKnow Africa (Network) calls upon the broader community for ideas and support. We are ready to collaborate with individuals and organizations with the same motive to promote the African Tech Culture.
  2. Transparency and Accountability: The TechKnow Africa (Network) provides transparency in all our activities which are trackable in the channel and through our records.
  3. Adaptable and Evolving: We expect to encounter both success and failures as TechKnow Africa (Network) moves forward. We will apply the lessons we learn to new events, projects and approaches.


TechKnow Africa is dedicated to promoting African Technology through digital platforms by telling the African Tech narrative to the world, supporting tech startups, and providing access to the immense possibilities of the Tech world through our editorial medium, vendor events, and the TechKnow Africa (Network.)


TechKnow Africa’s vision is to bring inspiration, education, and innovation to the African Technological Sector through collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations which work consciously in supporting African Tech innovations. We will be the voice of our own technological narrative.


  1. influencing and promoting the African Tech narrative via our website, professional network, and social media platforms.
  2. Support African Tech startups and harness the talents of African Tech professionals through TechKnow African Network meetups and boot camps/seminars.
  3. Create a global network of African Tech professionals by providing a platform for learning, sharing, interaction and collaboration opportunities.
  4. Organization of local and international individuals / organizations in synchronizing technological and infrastructural services to the continent.
  5. To be the global voice and face of African Technology Culture  through the brand “MADE IN AFRICA FOR AFRICA BY AFRICANS”
  6. Be a platform for Tech professional development and employment opportunity for organizations and businesses across Africa and globally.