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The Black-American Engineering firm poised to mass produce hydrogen fuel at a fraction of the cost.

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HNO Hydrogen Generators is poised to help industries and communities accelerate the
transition to clean energy with fully integrated green hydrogen solutions at an efficiency
and cost never seen before.

The company provides custom engineering solutions to help communities and industries address the challenges of transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy. While there are a growing number of green hydrogen-related products coming on the market, there are few providers that can create simple, integrated solutions for the average client that draws on the best commercial technologies across various companies.

The company Looks Forward to fill this gap by, providing valuable consulting, Engineering Design and also Development of projects that can lead to energy sovereignty, resiliency, and clean electricity.

Starting in 2008, The company has been researching and developing hydrogen solutions with cost-effective green hydrogen generation and distribution systems. It’s mission is to produce affordable green hydrogen to help businesses and communities become energy self-sufficient and combat climate change. Through aggressive research, innovative
technological development, and establishing diverse partnerships, the company believes that they can be a significant changemaker in the marketplace.

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With the Inflation Reduction Act and tax credit programs, green hydrogen production is heavily incentivized with up to $3/kg in production tax credits. Additional federal, state, and local tax credits further lower the cost of green hydrogen production and application to be less expensive than dirty hydrogen and opens up access to new hydrogen applications
considered too costly before.
HNO’s technology and integrated solutions allow for more companies and communities to participate in the clean energy transition. Thus, contributing to improving air quality and efficient energy access for end users. HNO is currently providing engineering design services for various companies and communities. The Company has partnered with hydrogen storage companies, compressor and component manufacturers, and electrolyzer & fuel cell manufacturers to provide integrated systems that meet customers’ green hydrogen needs.

They have partnered with intertribal consortiums and clean energy groups to design green energy projects. “Our experience consulting with the needs of customers surrounding hydrogen and designing systems for commercial applications, has well suited us to become a market leader”


This company is at the forefront of combating pollution on a global scale & already has partnerships with China & India and its Open to Investors as well through their investment & Shareholders platform

Interested parties can also become partners by signing up through The company’s mobile apps in Google Playstore and IOS Appstore

Source: HNO Green Fuels

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