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Report: Kenyan Gov’t Collects Over KSh 4.2b from eCitizen after Digitisation of Services

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President William Ruto’s administration digitised more than 5,000 services on the eCitizen platform as of June 2023 PS in the State Department for Citizen Services, Julius Bitok revealed that revenue collected from the services grew to KSh 4.2 billion in September 2023 Bitok assured that the exercise of onboarding services on the platform will continue until all government services are digitised

Kenya collected over KSh 4.2 billion in revenue from the eCitizen services. President William Ruto speaking at a past event. Photo: State House Kenya. Source: Facebook Principal Secretary (PS) State Department for Citizen Services Julius Bitok said the revenue growth came three months after the state launched the Gava Mkononi App.

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The government boarded over 5,000 services on the digital platform in June 2023. Ruto’s revenue collection strategy Bitok reported a 300% growth in revenue from KSh 1.4 billion reported at the end of June 2023, attributing it to President William Ruto’s directive.

“Following the Presidential directive, the revenue collected on the eCitizen platform has grown by over 300% from KSh 1,397,301,980 in June 2023 to KSh 4,168,704,016 in September 2023,” said Bitok.

Ruto directed that all pay bill numbers receiving payment for government services, apart from 222222, be closed within 90 days. The head of state said that all mobile money payments for government services will get to the National Treasury first, and then the latter will disburse it to relevant departments.

The PS assured that onboarding services on the platform will continue until all government services are digitised. Loss of funds from eCitizen The National Treasury estimates showed that ministries, departments and state agencies would collect KSh 348.6 billion through the single pay bill in 2023/24.

However, Auditor General Nancy Gathungu raised a red flag over controls to prevent leakages of money. Gathungu warned that the country risks losing the funds if proper channels are not implemented. “We must be very keen to ensure that controls are not compromised on the directives issued on how to manage revenue collection. I have already raised some concerns with the Treasury on internal controls.



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