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Top Industries / Companies that have benefited from the Covid-19 pandemic

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  1. Gaming industry:
  2. Communication / video
  3. Entertainment:

From the iron ages of the Great Wall of China to villages in Africa where fire and smoke was used as a form of communication, the world has come a long way since then till now as we are battling an enemy we can’t defend against communication plays a vital role in this human endeavor to live. And as most of us are in quarantine communication and social interactions becomes a commodity and as innovative as we all are, we find ways to reach out, speak and spread our thoughts.

The advent of video chatting was initially meant for long distance communication, but since these days even interactions with our neighbors is a risk, companies that provide this services have seen a flood increase in its user base

and not only from businesses that beforehand did not require this but also from schools as they implement online schooling, but also to people who are genuinely craving for human interactions, and as businesses view this as an alternative to cutting costs in office spaces by advising their workers to work from home, who knows the future seems flexible for the 21st century worker.

If you are Kenyan you probably have heard about Dj Afro the comedic movie commentator and also probably know the importance of entertainment be it music and movies for the human psyche helping us to wind off after a long day from work.

Netflix is the world’s largest movie streaming service provider and as people find themselves with little work to do, movies and tv shows are a great way to pass time, also YouTube that provides multiple video entertainments also saw an increase in user base but sadly a decrease in revenue as the company mainly depends on Ads that are bought by businesses and as some businesses are closing down due to the pandemic the dynamo effects is failing the whole system [give stats]

Also apart from movies and TV series, the gaming world has seen a significant user increase and mainly online gaming where players can interact causing such companies to rent more space in cloud computing platforms like the Amazon Web Services to be able to store more user data and sufficiently serve their customers.

With the world of eSports growing our basic understanding of sports and sport men and women as those physically fit persons who train from morning to evening has been thrown out of the window, now any teen or child can compete in a virtual arena with spectators and prizes to be won.

In year?? United States of America legalized the use of cannabis as an alternative to anxiety and for self-medication after research was done and found the plant to have multiple medical abilities, and nothing better to build anxiety than being locked down without interactions.

From the hills of Jamaica to greenhouses in Canada the cannabis culture and 420 celebrations seems to grow bigger and bigger, with countries like Ghana legalizing weed for medical use.

The following examples are just what’s out there in the world and as you read this from the comfort of your home, keep safe, quarantine and sanitize.

Samuel Musila
Samuel Musila
Passionate Software Developer and Tech content creator From Nairobi, Kenya

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