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The government plans to introduce a fee for services offered at Huduma Centres across the country

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Speaking on Monday after he officially took over from Aisha Jumwa, Mr Kuria said the fee will be charged on both government and private sector services.

Without mentioning how much will be charged, the CS said the fees on the 60,000 daily transactions, the centres will be self-sustainable.

“My first area in that endeavour is to ensure Huduma Centres do not depend on money from the Exchequer but we generate our own revenue,” he said. “You have been enjoying this service for so long without paying for it. Now there will be no more free lunch. You have to pay for it.”

He explained that the new development is aimed at making sure the 52 Huduma centres countrywide are able to generate their own revenue.

Mr Kuria pointed out that the centres have for long depended on funding from the Exchequer but they want to change that. However, the CS said President William Ruto challenged his ministry on the issue of sustainability of the centres.

“We are going to introduce a fee for service, be it government and private sector services to support our e-commerce because Huduma Centres can be the backbone of our national e-commerce initiatives,” he added.

Some of the services are the renewal of driver’s licences, national identity cards, and the National Social Security Fund.


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Samuel Musila
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