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Solar Media : How Solar Powered Tablets Preloaded with Education Content are Helping Marginalized Communities In Kenya

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A partnership between a Chinese solar company and a Kenyan enterprise has brought solar-powered tablets, or “solar media,” to remote areas of Kenya that lack electricity.

The tablets are used to provide vocational training and information to marginalized communities, helping them improve their livelihoods.

The project, launched in September 2022, has already delivered 106 units of equipment in two phases to more than 200 families in Nthunguni village in southern Kenya.

One of the beneficiaries is Caleb Kioko, a student who learned skills through the Kenswed vocational training program that uses “solar media.”

He said the tablets have opened up new opportunities for him and his community.

The “solar media” gadgets provided by a Shenzhen-based company in south China’s Guangdong Province come with preloaded content in education, agriculture, health, and skills development sectors.

The third phase will be implemented in November 2023 and is expected to provide 200 pieces of equipment to more areas.

The organizers expect the project to benefit more than 3,000 people this year and hope to work with more partners so that by 2024 and 2025, more local farmers in Kenya can benefit.

Samuel Musila
Samuel Musila
Passionate Software Developer and Tech content creator From Nairobi, Kenya

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