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New Parcel Delivery Service Pilots in Johannesburg

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Bolt has launched Bolt Send, a same-day parcel delivery service in Johannesburg North. The service will allow users to conveniently send small parcels and gifts through the Bolt app. The new venture is powered by a fleet of Bajaj Qute vehicles. According to Bolt, users can pay with cards or cash.

Bolt Send offers another revenue stream for drivers partner’s on the ride hailing platform. It’s launch follows the recent closure of Bolt Food in South Africa and Nigeria. The company says they are addressing the need for reliable delivery services. The launch also shows the company’s commitment to adaptability and innovation in the face of changing market dynamics.

To use Bolt Send, customers can tap the parcel icon in the app, input pick-up and destination details, choose Bolt Send from the vehicle category page, and confirm their trip.

Similar to Bolt Food, the company ensures users receive notifications when the driver arrives. The parcel journey is also shared with the recipient.

Bolt Send Pricing

For users, it is important to note that pricing remains dynamic, as it is algorithmically adjusted based on distance. It also depends on user demand on the platform when a request is placed.

For users accustomed to the variable costs linked with ride-hailing services, this is not new.

Notably, Bolt states that it does not offer insurance coverage for package loss, damage, or theft. Parcels must measure 60 x 40 x 40 cm or smaller and have a value of R1,500 (approx USD 80) or less.

Bolt is an Estonian company with operations in Europe and Africa. This week it launched taxi hailing operations in Zimbabwe marking it’s twelfth African market. The southern African foray follows another launch in Zambia in the last quarter of 2024. The pilot phases follow Bolts commitment to invest over €500 million in the African market.


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