Sunday, July 21, 2024

New Features Coming to WhatsApp

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Here are some new features meta is working on and will soon be available for the public either this week or early next month.

Pinned Events for Community Group Chats

WhatsApp is working to solve one friction that users have in Community group chats with regard to events. The group chat section will now have an event reminder icon pinned at the top for easy access so the members remain notified.

The reminder will be for scheduled events or just for simple reminders thus removing the need to manually search for the event details.


Passkey Support For Account Verification

To increase user’s security when accessing the app, WhatsApp is bringing passkey feature to help with account verification.

This will make signing in to your account easier and the passkey support feature will be included in the app with its own section. There will be no need to key in the 6-digit code to log in to your account.

End-To-End Encryption Icon on Chats

WhatsApp is working to show users that their chats are indeed private and end-to-end encrypted by default and to assure users of this feature, they’re now placing the caption just under the chat head.

The new feature seen below features the padlock icon with the caption “end-to-end encrypted” next to it.


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