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KAA Unveils “Airport Mtaani” to Improve JKIA Luggage Handling

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The Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) has appointed Hala Nairobi Airport Services to manage unaccompanied luggage at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). Dubbed, Airport Mtaani, KAA believes this initiative will streamline services and enhance passenger experience at JKIA upon arrival.

Gone are the days of having to go through security screening just to check on your baggage. This streamlined process saves time for passengers upon arrival,” said Caled Kositany, KAA Board Chairman.

The initiative involves coordination between contracted ground handlers and airlines at Kenya’s main airport. Airport Mtaani and airlines will share all relevant information regarding luggage inquiries. This means passengers can quickly ascertain the status of their luggage without unnecessary delays.

Complaints of lost luggage at JKIA are not a rarity, hence, travelers will hope this partnership will mitigate the problem. In 2022, the COMESA Competition Commission (CCC) stated it would fine airlines for loss or damage of passenger luggage.

If any such airlines are found fallible, the commission will not hesitate to invoke the provisions of the regulation which will include a penalty of up to 10 percent of the total turnover of the airline generated in the COMESA region,” said the agency’s CEO Willard Mwemba.

Airport Mtaani Critic

However, the Airport Mtaani program has already received harsh critic. ICT expert, Tom Makau, observed that the process takes close to one hour before a passenger receives their luggage. He opined that it was wrong for KAA to charge passengers for such a lengthy process.

Hala Nairobi airport services was founded in 2014 by Humphrey Hala. He currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. The company is headquartered at JKIA terminal 1D landside. It is an airport luggage facilitation company that counts Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, Etihad airways, Emirates Airlines, Egypt air, Trade winds aviation and Turkish airlines among its clientele.

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