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Is AI The Solution to Traffic Congestion and Air Pollution?

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AI is becoming more and more readily available for humans to use. problems such as traffic congestion that are causing cities to lose billions of revenue, climate conditions such as air pollution could be ultimately curbed using AI. This comes after Hull city council started a trial on using AI to curb the traffic congestion menace. The AI tool is used to analyse data from morning and evening rush hours especially on main roads. Immediately after analyzing the data the computer software is then used to change the sequencing of traffic lights to help keep vehicles moving.

The system is being trialed on most main roads and the trial is expected to go up 2025.Keith McCabe, CEO of Simplifai Systems, which is working with the City council, said the “speed of AI can produce traffic models in minutes rather than days”. this is paramount  considering that the locals have expressed their desire of traffic free city and healthier environment. If AI successfully tackles the traffic menace in the city then most cities in the country and the world could follow suit in the use of AI to tackle traffic congestion and air pollution.

Maryvine Moraa
Maryvine Moraa
MBA, Business Administration & Accounting. A Passionate IT Enthusiast.

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