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Instagram’s Text-Based Twitter Rival launching This Summer: Everything we know

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In a secret meeting with select creators, Instagram’s parent company, Meta, reportedly revealed its plan to launch a text-based conversation app. The leaked screenshots of the alleged upcoming app show a user interface similar to Twitter.

Instagram’s plan to rival Twitter was uncovered by Lia Haberman, an influencer marketing and social media marketing teacher at the University of California, Los Angeles Extension. According to Haberman, although the text-based app is built on top of Instagram, it is decentralized and will function as a separate app. The app will also be compatible with other decentralized social media apps like Mastodon, allowing users to reach more audiences.

Instagram is planning to launch a new text-based app for conversations, similar to what microblogging sites like Twitter promote.The app will allow you to write texts, attach links, and include media files like photos and videos. It will also permit users to engage with content uploaded by others.The Meta-led social media platform may announce its upcoming Twitter rival within a few weeks.

Why does this story matter?

  • Instagram has over two billion users, and the platform may easily leverage this figure to boost the reach of its text-based app.
  • However, it won’t make sense for people to use this app unless there are really great benefits or perks.
  • Hence, it will be really interesting to see whether social media enthusiasts join yet another Meta ecosystem app.

Everything to know about the app

The new text-based app will be integrated into Instagram, while still existing as a standalone application.The handle, which one uses on Instagram, will be carried over to the new app as well. Verified badges will also be retained.Your Instagram followers will be notified to follow you on the new platform.Likewise, you can follow the accounts that are being followed on Instagram.

It will have a 500-character limit

The new app will let users include text, links, photos, and five-minute-long videos in their posts.It may have a 500-character limitation, as opposed to Twitter’s 10,000 (for Blue users).The app will focus on privacy, allowing users to control who can respond to their posts or mention them elsewhere on the platform.Also, the blocked accounts from Instagram will be carried over.

Instagram is currently accepting early access requests

According to the reports, Meta is approaching high-profile influencers and celebrities in order to make them early adopters of Instagram’s text-based app and test it before being made available to the general public.Instagram is focusing on film and television actors, producers, writers, directors, showrunners, athletes, and comedians.Meta is accepting talent submissions in order to provide early access.

It will be introduced this summer

Instagram’s text-based app will debut this summer, in just a few weeks. Soon, it will be compatible with certain apps like Mastodon. Upon arrival, it may compete with the likes of Twitter, Tumblr, and other microblogging sites.
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Maryvine Moraa
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