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HitBountyHQ Launches Beta Version of Africa’s First Bug Bounty Platform

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HitBountyHQ , On May 26th 2023, proudly announced the release of its highly anticipated beta version bug bounty platform. With extensive consultations with various stakeholders, HitBountyHQ has developed the first-ever bug bounty platform in Africa, solidifying its commitment to the region’s cybersecurity landscape.

Bug bounty platforms play a crucial role in the cybersecurity community, enabling organizations to harness the power of community-sourced researchers in securing their digital assets. In return, researchers receive tokens of appreciation from these organizations for their valuable bug reports. This fosters responsible disclosure practices and cultivates a community of skilled ethical hackers. Additionally, bug bounty platforms provide a cost-effective solution for organizations that cannot afford dedicated security departments or Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) services.

“At HitBountyHQ, our mission is to protect and secure our valuable assets. We specifically focus on supporting African ventures and African researchers, showcasing the exceptional talent and skills that our continent possesses,” said Jones Baraza, CEO at HitBountyHQ. “However, we are open to researchers and organizations from around the world, as our goal is to become one of the most reliable bug bounty platforms globally.”

During the beta phase, HitBountyHQ will carefully onboard researchers through a cherry-picking process to ensure a thorough review of the platform. Although new registrations will be individually approved, interested researchers are encouraged to create their researcher accounts to join the platform’s growing community.


To further promote the adoption of HitBountyHQ, the platform is offering free registrations and onboarding to the first five organizations. Additionally, these organizations will receive complimentary support for the next three months as HitBountyHQ continues to refine and enhance its platform. Registration and support will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

To experience the groundbreaking bug bounty platform on African soil, interested individuals and organizations can visit the official website at

About HitBountyHQ:

HitBountyHQ is Africa’s leading bug bounty platform, committed to revolutionizing the continent’s cybersecurity landscape. With a focus on African ventures and researchers, HitBountyHQ aims to showcase the vast talent pool and contribute to building resilience in the face of evolving cyber threats. By connecting organizations with skilled ethical hackers, HitBountyHQ enables the protection of digital assets through responsible disclosure practices.

Samuel Musila
Samuel Musila
Passionate Software Developer and Tech content creator From Nairobi, Kenya

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