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Disseminating Technological effects of COVID-19

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The Corona Virus alias COVID-19 has been termed a pandemic worldwide and is on the verge of disrupting the daily round of operating business and way of life.

This is going to influence the ways we will relate to technology, exposing us to a wider world of possibilities. This might position us in vulnerable positions where we shall wholly be indulged and align our dependency on tech leaving our personal information is quondam secure.

The phrase “stay home” has been thrown all over social media platforms and many of our spam boxes are now full of lengthy emails by corporations giving their fair share of ideas on ways we can curb the spread of the virus.

Winners & Losers

As we try to cope with the pandemic, there are various entities in our society that are suffering a huge shock of losses in their revenues. The mobility, hospitality, and sporting industries coming to an ultimate halt is a huge blow to start-ups who have committed their research & resources to solve challenges in these fields. Cab hailing start-ups like Uber, Delight Cabs, and Rafiki Cabs are on the low, counting huge losses even as government-imposed curfews take effect.

Other sectors hit hard and fast is the Digital Marketing and Advertising agencies. They manage campaigns and run huge budgets for A-list clients. This is because most companies have halted their advertising and marketing campaigns and budgets, limiting operations and forced to hibernate for a while. Millions of people are now shifting to Social Media platforms to vent, express their feelings, educate and sensitize.

Social applications like TikTok and Instagram are having a field day having recorded massive downloads and installations from various app stores. The surge in global users has been attributed to the imminent shutdowns experienced across the country and world at large.

Global Stock markets around the world have plunged downwards since mid-March but companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Jumia are cashing in tremendously from what we call, digital gold rush.

Working Remotely

While working remotely, you might need to collaborate and communicate with colleagues, Microsoft Teams come in handy. The platform combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration.

While you might be tempted to step out and get some fresh air or grab groceries, you should be wary of contracting the deadly virus especially in areas hit hard by the virus thus advised to shop online from various e-commerce platforms like and

This entirely creates an environment of constant use of tech to navigate in our daily lives considering most cities and/or countries have imposed lockdowns, we are likely to see e-Companies experience a boost in usage for a longer period of time even After Corona(AC).

Companies like Zoom and Skype have reported massive activities and this is not going to stop skyrocketing. Video and voice calls are now a-go-to means of communication.

Personal Data Security

However, one should proceed with caution. In a rush to click on that link, whichever it might be, would have you counting losses now more than ever. Hackers are now lurking in the digital space looking for vulnerabilities to access your passwords, card details or digital wallets. Do not fall for this. You don’t want to be in this situation.

Enable 2-FA authentication at all times & in all your online profiles/ platforms that have incorporated the 2-FA feature.

This is why it is very advisable to have/connect to a Virtual Private Network which extends a private network across a public network and enables you to send and receive data whenever you are online in your PC/MAC or smartphone.

This allows you to surf the internet with zero to minimal fears since your communication channels are secure. Some of the best VPNs on the market right now are ExpressVPN and NordVPN.They offer reasonable subscription-based payment terms. A Taiwan based VPN service Synology is even offering a 30-day free license for VPN plus subscriptions. These services combine excellent performance which is private, fast and secure.

Shun Fake News!

Fake news is, however, imminent & spreading in social media platforms. Facebook-owned chat app WhatsApp is imposing a new limit on forwarding to fight and curb the dissemination of fake news.

This comes at a time when millions of users are in shock and constantly yearning to learn more and feed on this information to acquaint themselves. Facebook too has succumbed to this and personally I have observed several unverified news on COVID-19 circulating on the platform.

We should be ready for a technology takeover and be wary of all the advantages and disadvantages as we dive into the tech space in these, particularly tough times.

Samuel Musila
Samuel Musila
Passionate Software Developer and Tech content creator From Nairobi, Kenya

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