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Director of Criminal investigations (DCI) cautions Kenyans against online shopping

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The Director of Criminal investigations (DCI) has cautioned Kenyans against, shopping for goods online as they approach the festive season.

“You are advised to be careful when making purchases online, by first ascertaining the identity of the seller and the address of their businesses,” DCI said.

According to DCI, they have received numerous reports of clients who ordered for goods advertised on social media, but the customer ends up receiving less quality or the goods are not delivered.

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“We have received numerous reports from clients who ordered for goods advertised on social networking sites, especially on Instagram, but the goods were either not delivered or the quality not similar to what was advertised,” DCI said.

The DCI further revealed that many Kenyans, especially ladies shopping for trendy outfits and jewellery, have fallen victim and lost their money through such frauds.

“Resist the temptation to send money to perceived genuine dealers, who later turn out to be cons,” DCI cautioned.

The following a re steps to to consider before buying online.

  1. Make sure the store/ shop has a physical address. .i.e , building, street
  2. Make sure that the online store/shop is licensced by the authority. if possible let them show prove of concept.
  3. Try and get advice from other members online , as many as possible about the authenticity of the specific online shop.
  4. Prefer payment on delivery method. Most of the courier services are now offering the payment on delivery method.

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