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Aladdin, A FinTech Supper App Powering Trade and Payments for Individuals, Small Businesses and Gig workers across Africa and the world

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Aladdin is Africa’s leading fintech app revolutionizing payments and trade across Africa and beyond. The platform offers a wide array of features designed to empower individuals, businesses, and communities by providing innovative fintech solutions that simplify payments and enhance economic growth.

Aladdin’s dynamic and cohesive Management team is dedicated to shaping the future of payments and trade across Africa. The team’s visionary leadership, strategic acumen, technological prowess, and operational excellence is focused on providing cross-border payment solutions tailored for individuals and businesses throughout Africa. They demonstrate an unwavering commitment towards fostering financial growth and opportunities for Africans. The team’s collective expertise propels the business forward, ensuring seamless operations, forging partnerships, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This has positioned Aladdin as a frontrunner in the fintech revolution that’s transforming the African financial landscape.

All-in-one payment app

Aladdin helps you make international payment using your preferred payment method into more than 50 countries and they support more than 30 currencies. From USD, TZS, KES, EURO etc. The App also allows you to receive the payments from all the countries as well.

The Platform provides a solution through the following :

Payment Link :Create a global payment link that can receive money in various currencies. Our payment link can be used for bills sharing, fundraising, receive payment as a business owner and other purposes.

Virtual Card : Experience the future of payments with our virtual cards. We support payment to all your e-commerce and digital platforms e.t.c

Anonymous Payment: They have over 8,000 active billers on Aladdin. Easily pay your utility bills, subscriptions, flight fees, and other bills. You can also earn a cash reward in return.

Bill Payments: They have more than 8000+ active billers on Aladdin. Easily pay your utility bills, subscriptions, flight fee e.t.c and earn a cash reward in return.

Aladdin also boast of the best qualities any Fintech App can ever have in the market which include but not limited to ;

Secure & Fast Transactions : Experience fast and secure cross-border transactions to countries like United Kingdom, Canada, United States of America, Malaysia, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa and more. Your recipients will receive funds within minutes.

Competitive Exchange Rate: We understand the important of fair exchange rates for your international transactions. Our platform ensures that you get the lowest and fairest rates available.

Multi-Currency Wallet System: Our app offers the convenience of collecting and storing money in different currency wallets, making it easier for you to manage your finances in various currencies.

User Friendly & Easy to Account Setup : Get started with Aladdin Digital app in a matter of minutes. Our user-friendly account opening process requires minimal documentation.

Download the obile App via the links below;


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