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Airtel and ATC team up to provide internet connectivity to schools across Kenya

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Airtel has entered into a partnership with ATC Kenya to provide internet connectivity to 50 primary schools across the country.

The initiative which was announced on Tuesday will kick off with a pilot program involving 10 schools. It will involve installing, upgrading and refurbishing ICT labs and classes within the schools, providing monthly data bundles, television sets, laptops and other digital devices to facilitate internet access.

Airtel Kenya Managing Director Mr. Ashish Malhotra said that the project is part of a bigger Airtel initiative aimed at accelerating access to digital learning in primary schools, focusing on rural areas and within hard-to-reach communities.

“We believe access to quality education is a fundamental right for every child. It’s imperative to address challenges hindering learning opportunities. This is why we embrace partnerships to ensure every child has access to essential education, preparing them for a bright future. Additionally, we are expanding our network across Kenya to provide fast and reliable internet to these schools,” Mr. Malhotra said.

As part of the pilot program, teachers will receive training on how to use the technology for teaching, ICT clubs will be established with volunteers’ support, and necessary hardware will be provided, among other activities, which will create a digital platform for learners to improve learning and access to information.

ATC Kenya CEO Mr. George Odenyo said that the project is part of American Tower’s vision of building a more connected world,

“It enables us to showcase how we can leverage ATC Kenya’s Digital Communities Program to enhance ICT access and foster partnerships with the communities in which we operate in. ‘’

‘’ATC Kenya works with its partners to ensure that its Digital Communities

are established to equip users with connected spaces that employ the use of technology for digital equity and literacy, as well as career upskilling which are geared towards enhancing the lives of community members.”  he added.

In 2021 Airtel Africa partnered with UNICEF to connect over 1 million learners in 14 countries across Africa to online learning resources by 2027.

Meanwhile, American Tower, through its Digital Communities program has also established more than 500 Digital Communities serving more than 600,000 people across 16 countries over the past decade.


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