Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Ailsa Bay; How Blockchain technology is Helping track Whisky Production for Authenticity

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Track Your Ailsa Bay on the Blockchain

The Data collected throughout this tech forward whisky’s production is now digitally captured and certified

Cutting-edge technology and data analytics enable ailsa bay to push the limits of making whisky tomake aperfectly balanced sweet and smoky flavor  that’s 22 parts per million peat and 19 parts per million in sweetness. But the innovation doesn’t end once the bottles of Ailsa bay 1.2 Sweet Smoke are on shelves-thanks to the blockchain.

Sprung from a “hackadram” event held recently, the ailsa bay blockchain was build by experts at arc-net includingits general manager Drew Lyall.” It was clear Ailsa Bay was doing innovative work, and this was another clear path for something interesting innovation.” He says. Blockchain is the distributed ledger at the heart of bitcoin, but when the digital cryptocurrency has its ups and downs, The tech platform is designed to be stable and secure. Any entries on the ledger are held publicly-meaning it cant be tempered with.

That makes a blockchain useful for Tracking the provenance of food such as fish, to ensure it comes from sustainable sources as claimed, as well as to ensure a high-value product hasn’t been meddled with or counterfeited.

For Ailsa Bay, The block chain not only ensures authenticity by letting whisky drinkers authenticate their bottle from source to store, but also shares the detailed data that’s collected on every bottle during production, from the malt suppliers to the amount of yeast added to the batch, all of which informs the high-tech distillation process.” That data is captured by our Applications and recorded on the blockchain,” says Lyall. That includes sources of raw materials, cask types, filling dates and bottling details, all accessed by scanning a QR code on the label with a smartphone.

Alongside fermentation duration, bottling data, blending date and more, there’s digitally created art generated by the information gathered through out the whisky-making process. “ Its whats called generative artwork  a data-led graphic ,” Says Lyall. This highlights how data is at the heart of Ailsa Bay, with analytics allowing for precision chemistry to achieve a perfect balance of technology, data and passion, creating a work of art

Ailsa Bay is available in Amazon

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