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What Really happened to the Submarine Cable Cuts Behind East Africa Internet Outage? All you need to know

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Since Sunday, slow internet speeds have been experienced in East and South Africa after damages to major subsea cables supplying broadband across the continent through the Red Sea.

Users of both fibre and mobile broadband are confronting outages and while there is little information on the nature of the damage or its cause, internet service providers (ISPs) servicing the East African region say they are working to minimise interruption as they await the full restoration of the cables.

It is reported that the damage has affected at least two of the major subsea gateways which supply connectivity to telecommunications networks in the East and Southern Africa regions.


Subsea or submarine communications cables are cables laid on the sea and ocean bed that use fibre-optic technology to transmit data such as telephone and internet traffic to provide telecommunications links across the world’s continents.



Samuel Musila
Samuel Musila
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